[sticky post]Introduction and current collection (work in progress, updated 5/1/16)
Hey everyone, my name's Michaela but I also go by Mew - you may call me either. I'm a confused adult/Pokemon collector living in North Carolina and aspiring to move to Northern Ireland, which I currently visit about once a year. I like music, video games, and storytelling. I'm also a known enthusiast of cats, ghosts, and the sky. I mostly use this account to post to pkmncollectors and document my collection on this particular journal.

- My favourite Pokemon is Mew (if you couldn't tell :P) and the one Pokemon I particularly like to collect for
- I care for plushies the most, but I'm slowly gathering more and more figures
- Nothing here is for sale!
- If you're here from pkmncollectors, here's my feedback as a buyer

So, without further ado, here's my current Pokemon collection! Group pics were taken at the end of February 2016, and I've had some new additions since then, so that's what the individual pics are. I'm working on identifying everything - so far everything's by memory, so there are definitely errors.

Beware those with slow Internet - picture heavy! You can click the pictures to make them bigger.

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Wants (updated 3/17/16)
A list of some of my particular wants. I'm also interested in basically any Mew merch, particularly vintage things. A work in progress; more to be added over time!

Plush -

1998 Franco and Sons Mew Bath Buddy

1999 Hasbro Treat Keeper Bulbasaur (the final treat keeper to my little collection of them! I used to have one, but it was lost)

Jakks Throw Ball Spheal (used to have one but I lost it, still have the ball though)

2008 Luxray UFO

2014 Pokemon Center Pumpkaboo

2015 Kuttari Cutie Sleeping Slowpoke

2016 Kuttari Cutie Sleeping Cyndaquil

2015 Standard Size Substitute Poke Plush

2016 Mew Poke Plush

2016 Dragonair Poke Plush

(all pics from the Pokemon Plush Project or the Pokemon Center)

Figures -

2015 N Nendoroid

Misc -

1998 Tomy Pullback Racer Mew

Mew Roller Stamp (pic by rarecandy)
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